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St Mary’s College - Ringwood Campus

In partnership with Aquinas College

St Mary’s College Ringwood campus is located within Aquinas College, offering enrolment from year 7 to year 12. The campus operates as a partnership where St Mary’s College students are integrated into all Aquinas College classes. As part of the Aquinas College community, this model of inclusion provides our students with access to all Aquinas College has on offer.

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SMC Ringwood Campus

Students are immersed in the Catholic Identity of both St Mary’s College and Aquinas College being welcomed into a dynamic and inclusive community. 

Classes offered through Aquinas College offer exceptional Learning and Teaching experiences including interdisciplinary projects and visible learning environments. Access to a wide range of subjects and senior courses are on offer through the rich and extensive selection available through Aquinas College. These are carefully planned to enable opportunities to also access the expanded curriculum, additional tuition or wellbeing support as required. 

St Mary’s students have the opportunity to be involved in all co-curricular programs including but not limited to Cafe, City Project, Deb Ball, Kakadu, China trip and EIS. 

St Mary’s College students are warmly included and are valued members of the Aquinas College community, following the policies and values of both schools. As members of the broader community of deaf and hard of hearing students at St Mary’s College, they also participate in events such as Secondary School’s Deaf Sports Days and optional lunchtime social Club. 

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