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Our School

Our Vision 

A faith community shaping the formation of empowered, inquiring students.

Our Philosophy

Our College philosophy integrates our key values of Empowerment, Inclusion, Independence and Resilience with our knowledge of the explicit needs of deaf and hard of hearing students and the values intrinsic to Catholic Faith.

Empowerment:   Empowering deaf and hard of hearing students to lead themselves as strong and confident contributors to their school community.

Inclusion:   Promoting inclusive learning environments that celebrate diversity, acknowledge human rights and commit to the social justice central to the Catholic faith.

Independence:   Fostering self-sufficient, capable deaf and hard of hearing students actively setting and achieving their own goals.

Resilience:   Building resilient deaf and hard of hearing young people capable of dealing with life’s challenges, maintaining positive relationships and holding a healthy sense of their own identity.

Our Logo

Our College logo incorporates aspects of our history, charism and the spirit of the school.

  • Image of Mary – Representing Mary, our mother and spiritual guide.

  • Dominican Cross – Representing Jesus Christ and the Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia who founded St Mary’s School for the Deaf at “Delgany”, Portsea in 1948

  • Trinity - reflects the God we know as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and our link to our first partner school, Holy Trinity Primary School.