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Curriculum & Services

Specialist Services

Student and teacher at table 

Teachers of the Deaf
Our Teachers of the Deaf are experts in their field holding Degree or Masters level qualifications in Deaf Education. Located across our campuses, they have a range of specialties including Auditory-Verbal Therapy, early intervention, language development and Positive Psychology. St Mary’s Teachers of the Deaf have expertise in understanding how to differentiate to meet the needs of our students and as such, work closely with classroom teachers in planning rich and accessible learning experiences. 

An audiologist from Australian Hearing visits each campus frequently, maintaining ear health, listening devices and providing advice and guidance to teachers and students in managing their listening needs in various environments. 

Speech Pathologists
Speech therapy is provided through parental request at our various campuses. This is offered at negotiated times throughout the school day. 

Language Specialist
Our language specialist focuses on education, guidance, and the rigorous application of assessments, strategies and procedures that promote optimal acquisition of spoken language. Working closely with our Teachers of the Deaf, students are continually monitored to ensure language development is on track promoting excellence in expressive and receptive oral language. 

Educational Support Staff
Educational support staff are located across our campuses, providing individualised assistance to students with specific needs including physical, emotional or organisational support, guidance with learning tasks, note taking and Auslan communicative support services.