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Inclusive Education 
St Mary’s College values inclusivity and equity and as such, our educational model reflects those ideals. Our students have the opportunity to study the breadth of learning experiences offered from Prep through to VCE, VCE/VET and VCAL. They are also involved in all complimentary learning opportunities such as camps, excursions and work experience as offered to all students in our partner school. Our tiered approach to intervention ranges from full inclusion in the partner school to an individualised course of study involving time in regular classes and time receiving specialist intervention with a personalised program of learning. This may include, but is not limited to:

Junior years students – a Teacher of the Deaf working each day alongside the classroom teacher, supporting children to continue to achieve language and speech goals, monitoring sound field systems and assistive listening devices and supporting the development of friendships.

Middle years students – Teachers of the Deaf consulting with and guiding classroom teachers on a daily basis to ensure our students are learning at an appropriate rate, monitoring sound fields and assistive listening devices and providing some 1:1 or small group time out of the classroom to ensure students have the appropriate language, listening and speech to access and do well in all subjects.

Senior years students - Teachers of the Deaf consulting with and guiding classroom or VET teachers, provision of ‘live captioning’ or note taking, monitoring sound field systems, providing some 1:1 or small group time out of the classroom to support the work demands of years 10 - 12 and provision of careers education and post-school pathway support.

Building on the Victorian curriculum, our St Mary’s College Expanded Learning Program (ELP) covers essential areas of focus designed to improve learning outcomes and develop confidence and a positive identity. Key areas of focus include:

Our teaching strategies follow evidenced-based practice, meaning our approaches are strongly supported by scientific research. Assessment for learning is an integral component of the educational experience at St Mary’s College, providing a constant flow of information as to how each child is progressing and informing the planning of our Teachers of the Deaf and Speech Pathologists. Our student wellbeing model follows Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) as a whole school approach to communicating behavioural expectations and understanding of the consequences of decisions made. These are a broad range of tailored and proactive strategies used in achieving positive social and academic learning outcomes.