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St Mary’s College values inclusivity and equality and as such, our educational model reflects these ideals. Our students have the opportunity to study the breadth of curriculum and learning experiences offered to all students in our partner schools whilst receiving a parallel curriculum designed to enhance and build on areas impacted through the experience of a hearing loss. Contemporary education for deaf and hard of hearing students in the 21st century provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic learning experiences within the broader mainstream community whilst receiving highly specialized interventions designed to enhance their social, emotional and academic achievements. 

Building upon the Victorian Curriculum, the St Mary’s College Curriculum identifies essential areas of focus designed to improve learning outcomes and develop confidence and a positive identity. 

St Mary's College ELP

Our teaching strategies strongly follow evidence-based practice, meaning our approaches are strongly supported by scientific research. Assessment for learning is an integral component of the educational experience at St Mary’s College, providing a constant flow of information as to how each child is progressing and informing the planning of our Teachers of the Deaf. Individualised courses of study are developed with each family that incorporate both the St Mary’s College curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum as offered through each partner school, delivered in a complementary and seamless partnership demonstrating excellence in inclusive education. 

St Mary’s College follows a Positive Education model which emphasises individual strengths and personal motivation to promote student learning.