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St Mary’s College - Dandenong Campus

In partnership with St John’s Regional College

St John’s and thus St Mary’s are situated within spacious grounds, a variety of sporting fields and easy access to public transport. Private bus services are also offered. Large classroom areas, specialist teaching pods and student amenities form part of the physical makeup of the partner school. Classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards, Apple TV access and students use iPads alongside textbooks to access the curriculum. Soundfield systems are installed in a number of classrooms including wall pilots in large areas such as the stadium, Lecture Theatre and the large space known as St Paul Apostle Centre. St John’s has a vertical House system into which all students, including the St Mary’s students are placed. This enables new students to have a senior student as a mentor which eases their transition into secondary school at whatever level they enter. Additionally transition programs are in place for all new students, Year 7 in particular. For that cohort, this begins the year prior to entry. 

Whole House activities include Aquatics, Athletics and Cross-country competitions alongside those of varying sorts to whit; quizzes and Science and Maths problems. 

Programs offered by the partner school alongside the traditional curriculum include both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Year level camps at Years 7 and 9 and the Year 12 Retreat form part of the compulsory curriculum. Students are warmly encouraged to participate in school representative sport, music and drama activities, debating, theatre sports, the Annual Talent Quest and College musicals. The Year 9 City Immersion program is eagerly anticipated by all students entering that Year level and embraces many Melbourne landmarks under the supervision of staff. Student Wellbeing is a focus both at St Mary’s and St John’s and includes wellbeing activities and Social Justice Days in which all students participate. St Mary’s students are encouraged to participate in Leadership programs at all year levels. Co-curricular activities include the Kakadu trip to Central Australia and beyond for senior students and the Year 12 Coolies program. 

Our students have access to both a traditional VCE pathway and also a well-established VCAL program. A VET program in Hospitality with qualified chefs is also available. Work experience is encouraged and promoted from Year 10. St Mary’s students at St John’s have a negotiated course of studies that allows full participation in the partner school curriculum and also access to the St. Mary’s curriculum. In partnership with parents and students, written Individual Learning Plans are formed. These are based on specialist testing of each student and also their and their parent’s wishes and or concerns. A Program Support Group meeting is held each term where student progress is discussed alongside any concerns and future plans. Regular phone and email contact is maintained with parents between these visits. It’s a great place to be! 

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