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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to St Mary’s College for the deaf, an integrated school designed with the flexibillity to see each of our deaf and hard of hearing children and young adults reach their educational goals and aspirations. Our school follows the charism of the Dominican tradition and welcomes students of all faiths. In the spirit of providing an education in a genuinely inclusive environment, our students are members of the combined community of St Mary’s College and that of one of our partner schools. Founded on the principles of oral/aural education, we maintain a strong commitment to the development of effective spoken communication and the critical thinking skills required for success as young deaf and hard of hearing adults. 

We recognise that finding the right school can be difficult without knowing what challenges lay ahead for your child. By enrolling with St Mary's, they will have a team of experts including Teachers of the Deaf, speech pathologists and educational support staff continually onsite, allowing them access to various levels of support and extension if and when they need it throughout their time at school. We are extremely proud of our 73 years in the provision of exceptional education to deaf and hard of hearing students and aim to continue to foster compassionate, empowered, and effective communicators, nurtured through the spirit of partnerships with our families.

It is with great pride that I invite you to explore our website and encourage you to discover how St Mary’s College can realise your child’s potential. 

Amanda Purcell 

Organisational Structure



Ms Amanda Purcell

St Mary's College Board

DCA Chair, Mr Tony Tuohey

DCA, Mr Barry Thatcher

Board Chair, Ms Laura Button

Board Deputy Chair, Mr David Edgar

Board Member, Ms Kate McLean

Board Member, Ms Cara Patterson

Staff Representative, Ms Kate Leigh

The role of an advisory board is to help an organization make better strategic decisions and provide expert, non-binding advice on its overall management, all while keeping in mind the short and long-term goals of the college. The board meets about every six weeks. The responsibility of the board, working in conjunction with the Principal and the Canonical Administrators, is to also see that the college is faithful to its charter as a Catholic school. The St Mary’s Board has a mix of parent and staff representatives from the school, an honorary accountant who is an independent financial observer for the board, a representative from the Association of Delegated Canonical Administrations, as well as allied health professionals with experience and expertise in the education and disability field.

Should you wish to contact the board please use the following email address; board@smdeaf.vic.edu.au

St Mary's College Senior Leadership Team

Melissa Lucy

Deputy Principal Staff Wellbeing and Development & Head of Campus - Sunbury & South Morang

Mini Saundry

Deputy Principal Curriculum & Head of Campus - Ringwood & Dandenong 

                      SMC Organisational Chart